2020 Zhejiang Service Trade Online Exhibition(UAE Smart home & Digital Life Service Session )


2020 Zhejiang Service Trade Online Exhibition(UAE Smart home & Digital Life Service Session )

2020Zhejiang Service Trade Online Exhibition (UAE Smart home & Digital Life Service Session ), hosted by Zhejiang Department of Commerce and contracted by Zhejiang Samexpo Exhibition & Convention Holdings Co., Ltd, will be taking place from 30 Nov. – 4 Dec. by ZOOM. The project received strong support from Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
During this period of global pandemic, Zhejiang Department of Commerce has been committed to the mutual assistance and cooperation among international sister cities, and launched the provincial foreign trade enterprises to help the development of foreign trade for seven consecutive months.
In recent years, all kinds of innovative products and high-tech home and life service products are everywhere in the construction boom in the Middle East. Gulf countries & Dubai will host the World Expo (postponed) and the 2022 World Cup respectively. These two world-famous events will undoubtedly make the Middle East the focus again and further promote the construction and tourism boom in the Middle East. A number of infrastructure facilities, such as hotels, housing and entertainment facilities, will be built in the Gulf region. Several decades ago, UAE introduced various concepts related to smart home technology, but in fact, smart home technology is still a new concept. It was not until 2018 that manufacturers began to devote themselves to the development and use of smart home devices. In the UAE, smart home technology has received unprecedented attention, and more and more people want to obtain this technology to help them better control their living environment.
More than 40 Zhejiang smart home & Digital Life service enterprises with relevant qualifications and certifications such as Hangzhou EZVIZ Network Co., Ltd, Hangzhou TUYA Information Technology Co., Ltd, Zhejiang Fonda Technology Co., Ltd, as well as other service and export enterprises and professional smart home enterprises from Middle East will participate in the online exhibition. Based on the current demand from Middle East buyers, the exhibition includes: Smart home and digital life, Smart appliances, intelligent lighting, intelligent security and surrounding security control and more. During the five days event, the Zhejiang enterprises will communicate one to one with Middle East buyers to display Smart home & Digital Life service with an estimated 180 rounds of trade negotiation.

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